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Next Generation 
2nd International Conference

 07-08 December 2021 
 Technical Program | online only 

An online technical conference focusing on the development, deployment and industrial integration of next generation electrolysers

Next Generation ELECTROLYSERS 
International Conference  
2nd Edition
07-08 December 2021 
Technical Program | Online Only

The deployment of large-scale electrolysers is the key technological element for the decarbonisation of central industrial and transport sectors. The existing electrolyser technology is now ready for a massive scale-up: In July 2020, the EU Commission has announced an ambitious plan to reach 2 x 40 GW of electrolysers by 2030, targeting 1 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen and 6 GW of electrolyser capacity until 2024. To achieve this ambitious objectives, challenges have to be overcome by industrial users of electrolysers, system manufacturers and other stakeholders within the hydrogen economy. This online conference brings together electrolyser specialists, engineering experts, scientific researchers and other stakeholders to discuss the development, deployment and integration of the next generation of industrial electrolysers.

The key topic areas of this online conference:

How to scale up electrolyser units, their different technologies and manufacturing processes

How to increase efficiency and cut costs by improving electrolyser design, materials and components

How to integrate large electrolysers into plants, processes and value chains to scale up their industrial application



Bruno G. Pollet

Deputy Director

UQTR Hydrogen Research Institute


Asset 3.png

Green Hydrogen in Québec: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Quebec to be one of the world leaders in Green Hydrogen production

  • Quebec is rich in “green electrons”

  • Quebec has plentiful biomass for producing Green Hydrogen

  • Quebec will longer extract hydrocarbons throughout its territory


Dinesh Singh

Planning and Major Studies Specialist

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Arabia


DNA of Energy Transition Fulcrum

  • Energy transition’s Key Levers

  • Success factors and bottlenecks/challenges

  • Why a disruptive Electrolysers to cross the chasm and to transition into the zone of win


David Bow

Executive Vice President

Plug Power



Build It and They Will Come

  • How companies are developing Green Hydrogen Ecosystems to support their needs that is now enabling further expansion of green hydrogen to support new and growing applications

  • Example of fully functioning and profitable hydrogen ecosystems

  • What can we learn from their success?


Stéphane Maillard

Commercial Director




Presentation title to be announced


Tore Sylvester Jeppesen

Senior Vice President

Green Hydrogen

Haldor Topsoe



Industrial use of high temperature electrolysis

  • The case for high temperature electrolysis as the industrial electrolyser of choice

  • Achieving lowest cost electrification of hard-to-abate sectors

  • Optimizing electrolysis cost by integration and standardization


Peter Ellis

Technology Director, Green Hydrogen

Johnson Matthey

United Kingdom


How Catalyst-Coated Membrane Design Enables Improved PEM Electrolyser Performance to 2030 and Beyond

  • The massive increase in green hydrogen production will require advances in PEM electrolyser cost, sustainability and production scale

  • The Catalyst-Coated Membrane (CCM) is a key component in determining how an electrolyser performs, and therefore has a critical role to play in meeting overall electrolyser goals

  • In this presentation we will explore how CCM design and manufacturing will support the production of lower cost green hydrogen, using raw materials more carefully whilst significantly increasing manufacturing scale


Lorenz Gubler

Research Group Leader

Paul Scherrer Institut



Membrane Design & Engineering Principles for Next-Generation Water Electrolysers

  • Membrane requirements for water electrolyzers

  • Current membrane limitations

  • Recombination catalysts

  • Development trends & outlook


Alejandro Barnett

CTO and Co-founder

Hystar Hydrogen



Unlocking the full potential of PEM electrolysis for large scale hydrogen production

  • Hystar’s game-changing PEM electrolyser technology

  • Utilisation of thin PFSA membrane technology

  • Safe operation


Luc Graré

International Business




We want to change things now and not tomorrow

  • Bringing green hydrogen to reality (use case in France)

  • Flexibility and scalability of green H2 production

  • Offshore & Onshore green H2 production

  • Cost drivers & sensitivity analysis of green hydrogen


Mattijs Slee


Battolyser Systems

The Netherlands


Battolyser technology for energy storage and hydrogen

  • Need for energy storage and hydrogen

  • Battolyser technology

  • Battolyser business plan


Arend de Groot

Senior Consultant

Sustainable Process Technology


The Netherlands


Developing the electrolyser supply chain: Innovations for reduction of the levelized cost of hydrogen

  • A high level roadmap for cost reduction

  • Large-scale off-shore electrolysis and its requirements for the electrolyser technology

  • Integral development of components and stack designs


Tim Peckham


Ionomr Innovations Inc.



High-Performance, Long-Duration AEM Water Electrolysis with Aemion+®

  • Advantages of AEM water electrolysis (WE) over competitive technologies

  • How Aemion+® unlocks AEM WE through its superior durability

  • Examples of performance & durability of Aemion+®-based AEM WE

  • Scale-up & commercialization of Aemion+®


Ervin Tal-Gutelmacher





Prospects for Alkaline Exchange Membrane (AEM) Electrolysis

  • AEM Devices in a Green Hydrogen Economy

  • Hydrolite Advancements in AEM Electrolysis

  • Enhancements of the Alkaline Membrane-Electrode Assembly (MEA)

more to be announced here soon!


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